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According to the containment directives implemented in France since March 16, our Greeters walks are forced to close until further notice. Nevertheless, we accept, as of now, registrations for walks which would be done beyond June 15th. We hope that the state of confinement will be lifted on that date.
Thank you for your understanding.

Discover Boulogne with one of its inhabitants

You are kindly invited to discover Boulogne-Billancourt, on a walk with a resident, at the gates of the capital, the largest city in the Ile-de-France after Paris. A city rich in cultural treasures, such as the famous Albert Kahn Museum and its gardens, the museum that houses works from the 1930s; the houses or buildings designed by the great architects of that period: Le Corbusier, Mallet Stevens, Perret, Fisher; a city with many different gardens, all of them different; a city that is over six centuries old, whose traces can still tell the story of yesterday.

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Diversités dans la ville

Boulogne-Billancourt: Diversities in the city

Through the most beautiful signatures of current architecture, a walk in the new district of Boulogne which replaced the Renault car maker's factories. Seguin Island, its new musical city and its projects.

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From Classic to urbanism novalties

We are happy to take you for a walk west of Paris, from Place d'Auteuil to the centre of Boulogne. These vibrant and colourful districts combine the energy and classism of Paris with the softness of the green spaces of the west end of the city.

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Colline de Meudon

Meudon Hill, the three castles

Meudon has developed around three castles. We will take "La grande perspective" from Le Nôtre to reach the large terrace: the Château Vieux has been destroyed but the view of Paris is very beautiful. We will see the 17th century Orangery and the remaining part of the Château Neuf that the Grand Dauphin had built by Mansart; it houses the Observatory. A beautiful 16th century house that was inhabited by Ambroise Paré, surgeon to the king, Armande Béjart, after the death of Molière, now a museum of art and history, is on our way. Parisians had large country houses built in the 19th century, in the middle of which pleasant and fragrant scents circulate.

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Le laboratoire de l’Art Déco

Boulogne, Art Deco laboratory

A true architectural laboratory, Boulogne-Billancourt has seen the emergence of the foundations of modern architecture and, in particular, the art of the 1930s. Be witnesses of this preserved heritage and discover masterpieces left by the greatest names in this style of architecture, Le Corbusier, Mallet Stevens....

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Côteaux fleuris, Saint-Cloud

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Saint-Cloud - Flowers on the Hill slopes

A greeter will tell you the story of the district divided into 4 distinct parts with different destinies: that of the bourgeoisie which admires the views and perspectives on the Bois de Boulogne and Paris, that of the working population which lives on the banks of the Seine, that of the founder of the aeronautics company Dassault and that of the resort development.

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Saint-Cloud - Flowers on the Hill slopes

In the footsteps of Alberto Santos=Dumont and Marie Marvingt - walk through through 7 stage in the ‘Coteaux' district.

One has been retained by history, the other is almost ignored. And yet both flew over the skies of the Parc des Coteaux de Saint Cloud at the beginning of the 20th century.
Born practically the same year (1875), they will both have, as children, driven a locomotive and from 1900 an automobile, were of the same size, will have flown away in a spherical balloon, will have escaped certain death, will be famous and known in the 1910s, will be raised to the rank of officers of the Legion of Honour.
But for one, history will stop at the beginning of the Great War, while for the other, it will be the occasion of an additional celebrity. And yet the great History will remember Santos-Dumont and his exploit of 1901 and will ignore Marie Marvingt and her sporting prowess. Why did she hold back the life of a man from that of a woman, that of the "Flying Brazilian" from that of the "Bride of Danger"?
Come and discover in 7 steps the history of the Coteaux district through the evocation of the lives of these 2 characters.

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Bois de Boulogne inconnu

Big ans small Boulogne woods history

After touring the landscaping of the Auteuil racecourse (completed in 2014), we will cross the Bois de Boulogne, its lakes and mysterious groves before discovering the Château de Longchamp, now home to Goodplanet, an exhibition space created in 2017 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and entirely dedicated to ecology and diversity.
This 5 km walk will enable us to learn more about the history of this wood, its forest management, its mythical characters, including Queen Margot, Diderot's nun, not forgetting Napoleon III and Santos-Dumont.

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On the edge of bois de Boulogne

To the west of central Paris, near the Bois de Boulogne, the Jardins des Serres d'Auteuil, the Roland Garros Tennis Stadium and the houses of the great architects of the 1930s, an exclusive district at the gateway to Paris where RENAULT, founded in Boulogne Billancourt had its factories, and where the cinema created its most beautiful works.

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Château, parc de Rothschild

Rothschild Castel and Park

Come and discover, in the company of a passionate greeter, the history of the former large property from the Rothschilds in Boulogne, its park and the surroundings of the castle, from the disappeared elements to those still in place, witnesses of a residence that was admired by the good society of the era

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Choisissez pour moi...

Choose for me ...

We can choose for you, if you wish. Depending on the date and language requested, as well as your areas of interest and comments expressed on your registration form, we will make you one or more proposals for a walk.

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Who are we ?

We are volunteers from Boulogne, members of the International Greeters Association. We want to introduce visitors to “our Boulogne”, as we would do for friends. We are neither interpreter-guides nor qualified lecturers, but curious inhabitants, passionate about the richness of our city, who speak several languages, and want to meet and welcome people from abroad in Boulogne. During the walk, the “greeter” will walk with you in the streets of a district that he/she loves for the richness of its past or for its architecture, its markets, its cafés, its craftsmen or its artists…

What do our visitors say after a walk in Boulogne with a greeter ?

Thanks to the quality of our Greeter’s comments and his excellent knowledge of the city, I discovered a city whose architectural richness I did not know, even though I lived only a few kilometres away.

Françoise P.

Ville d'Avray (France)

The Greet has been the highlight of our stay. Our Greeter, Georges, was very knowladgeable and interesting. We had a chance to ask the questions we never dared to ask… We believe we understand better the city and french way of life. An experience we will certainly do again in other part of the world. Thanks


Paris (France)

It was a most wonderful day. I learned so much about the area and got to see a fantastic Japanese Garden, a splendid array of architectural gems and most of all suggestions for return visits to the area. Das is a national treasure!!


New-York (USA)

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